Lessons from my second half marathon

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It’s the middle of May and I survived the most intense weeks of Yoga Teacher Training, as well as my second half marathon.

Despite my lack of commitment to half marathon training, all the new leg muscles I built up during endless hours of weekend yoga helped me take over 10 minutes off my previous time. I finished in 2 hours and 13 minutes. Continue reading

Surviving the “fruit fast”

Fruit. It's what's for dinner.

Fruit. It’s what’s for dinner.

As part of my teacher training program, we are also following a 40 day transformation program that focuses on creating healthy habits with regard to diet, exercise and meditation.

There is a book we use to follow the program, and then on Wednesday nights we meet to talk about our progress…

And we talk about our feelings…A LOT.

We laugh, We cry. We stand up and reveal our hang-ups and insecurities and imperfections to perfect strangers (kinda like I do on this blog). Continue reading

This time tomorrow…


…I officially will be a yoga teacher trainee.

This time on Monday, I will be on vacation in Houston with my family, celebrating my husband’s birthday.

This time next Friday I will officially have assumed my new role at work and left my old one behind.

Yup, I’m going to have a LOT to talk about here soon. Here’s hoping I get some smooth sailing.

More from the field this weekend after I have things to report.

The un-glorification of busy

1947549_887313647986875_4493608073950915997_nI started training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago – or at the very least, I started running a few miles a week again, with my longest run being 5 miles, and a couple of three-milers thrown in during the week just to get back in the habit.

This is all in addition to three days a week of yoga, of course, which on weeks like this one (I had a business trip to New Orleans that threw me off schedule), means I’m doubling up on running and yoga on Saturday and Sunday. Continue reading

The gift of generalized anxiety

Photo Credits: Alex Castillo Photography

Photo Credits: Alex Castillo Photography

A more somber post than usual, I’m afraid.

I had news of someone’s unexpected death today. He was someone who, while not very close to me personally, was close to many of my loved ones, and who left his family and friends much sooner than they were prepared for (as is always the case when just about anyone makes their departure, I suppose). He was a very good man and many people will miss him. I’m really sorry for his loss.

I’ve been hearing a lot about people’s passing recently. Enough to really catch my attention. At work, among my friends, on Facebook…. even in yoga this morning our instructor was telling us about the death of her dear friend who’d finally lost a valiant battle to cancer, leaving behind two nearly grown children who will no doubt miss their mother even as they move on with their lives.

Continue reading

Who says you can’t go home again?


My anxiety levels usually increase drastically when I go home to Nicaragua. I don’t know if it’s the flight, the heat, the threat of earthquakes, the lack of law and order, or the absence of basic emergency services that makes my head start throbbing as soon as I get there. Everything is disorganized. It’s every man for himself on the roads, in crowded public spaces, in queues… pretty much everywhere.

There is no “911” to come to your rescue if you should choke or hear burglars inside the house in the middle of the night. Nicaragua is a very safe place, but there’s a basic safety net I’ve grown accustomed to, and it doesn’t take much to add fuel to the fires in my mind. Continue reading

I’m the nose-picker on the right


Being home for the holidays always makes me so nostalgic.

The gem above was taken sometime around Christmas of 1979. I’m the nose-picker on the right.

Good thing my dad is not into social media, otherwise he would not appreciate my posting a picture of his 1970’s mullet.

Happy holidays, everyone! May you find yourself surrounded by loved ones.


All I Want for Christmas


“I mean… I’m sure I wasn’t THAT bad… right?”

Dear Santa,

Please bring me:

1) A little more time to enjoy the small wonders in my life. Like my son, reading ME a bedtime story when a few months ago he could only read three words – yes, no and his name. Or an unexpected smile during yoga. Or more small victories at work.

2) The wisdom and confidence to age gracefully AND graciously (since that has been a theme in my writing over the past couple of weeks). Or, you know, fewer wrinkles and less cellulite? That would fly too. Continue reading