Lessons from my second half marathon

photo (28)

It’s the middle of May and I survived the most intense weeks of Yoga Teacher Training, as well as my second half marathon.

Despite my lack of commitment to half marathon training, all the new leg muscles I built up during endless hours of weekend yoga helped me take over 10 minutes off my previous time. I finished in 2 hours and 13 minutes.

I won’t be winning any (real) medals any time soon, but it felt good to have done as well as I did.

That being said, I learned at the end of the race that no matter how impressive the feat or how much merit I’ve earned, I will always find a way to minimize my accomplishments.

This course was easier than the course of my previous half. Was it 10 minutes worth of easier? I don’t really know.

I Googled course difficulty comparisons once I got home from New York but didn’t find anything that satisfied me. Maybe I’ll just chalk it up to my ACTUALLY having improved my level of fitness.

All right, kids. With all the excitement nearly over, what do you think I should do next??

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