I just want someone to see me

I don't know why, I just like this picture

I don’t know why, I just like this picture

Saturday started off on a sour note for me emotionally.

I kept blaming it on the fruit fast, but I knew exactly what the problem was. I just couldn’t articulate it.

On Sundays I’ve developed the habit of  Continue reading

Surviving the “fruit fast”

Fruit. It's what's for dinner.

Fruit. It’s what’s for dinner.

As part of my teacher training program, we are also following a 40 day transformation program that focuses on creating healthy habits with regard to diet, exercise and meditation.

There is a book we use to follow the program, and then on Wednesday nights we meet to talk about our progress…

And we talk about our feelings…A LOT.

We laugh, We cry. We stand up and reveal our hang-ups and insecurities and imperfections to perfect strangers (kinda like I do on this blog). Continue reading

Talk Less, Listen More


Silence is golden

One of the main principles for teaching Baptiste Power Yoga – the kind of yoga I’m studying right now – is using only “essential language.”

We have been practice teaching to the rest of our class since our very first day, receiving live feedback on the spot. This is where all the public speaking I’ve done with my corporate job has paid off. I feel comfortable in front of a crowd and the reps I’ve done in front of much bigger and more hostile crowds help me remember the flow of the poses while I’m up there. That being said, there are still many things for me to improve on, both on and off the mat (and inside and outside the classroom). Continue reading

I am still afraid

We were in Texas all week last week on a business trip / family vacation, and since we had plenty of time to kill during our trip, we got pretty adventurous with our undertakings.

On our first day in Houston, we drove by an indoor skydiving place and decided to try it out, without really knowing what it was or what to expect.

All three of us took a turn in the wind tunnel, and despite how different the experience was from what we were expecting, we all Continue reading

A few words about vulnerability

This post isn’t that old, but my teacher training last weejend got me thinking about this again. Enjoy!

average yogini

I have a hard time making myself vulnerable. Fully vulnerable.

I don’t mean that I have a hard time opening up or being transparent. I’m very free with what I share with people – my flaws, my failures, my insecurities, my inflated sense of self-esteem. No qualms about revealing my anxiety, my phobias – things that I didn’t even realize until recently other people keep as closely guarded secrets.

My quirks don’t make me feel in the least bit vulnerable. I’m indifferent to general opinion or how my flaws will shape other people’s views of me. After all, I know something about their flaws too. That they have them. That we ALL have them, and mine are no better and no worse than anybody else’s.

I’m pretty comfortable with who I am. But only for the most part, as it would seem.

Yesterday, my yoga teacher was talking about vulnerability…

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