I Repeat: You CAN’T “Be Bad” at Yoga!

Here I am, being "bad" at yoga

Here I am, being “bad” at yoga

I completed the first module of my yoga teacher training today, and while after the first day I felt elated, today I got home feeling a little more tapped out. I wasn’t physically tired per se, but toward the end I was so emotionally drained all my feelings, particularly negative feelings, were amplified. Continue reading

This time tomorrow…


…I officially will be a yoga teacher trainee.

This time on Monday, I will be on vacation in Houston with my family, celebrating my husband’s birthday.

This time next Friday I will officially have assumed my new role at work and left my old one behind.

Yup, I’m going to have a LOT to talk about here soon. Here’s hoping I get some smooth sailing.

More from the field this weekend after I have things to report.

It’s 2 AM, I must be lonely

photo (27)

It’s 2:50 AM to be exact and I’m not really sure why I’m awake.

It was a busy weekend filled with friends and family. My parents and three siblings came to town to celebrate my mom’s birthday, and while the siblings have slowly started to make their way back to their respective homes, I still have 5 days left with my youngest brother, my mom and my dad.

Saturday afternoon yoga has become a staple in our weekend routine, and both my son and I Continue reading

The one where I actually taught someone yoga

My brother, who led me to believe I was actually teaching him yoga

My brother, who once led me to believe I was actually teaching him yoga

A good friend of mine asked me whether I wanted to come over and practice my teaching skills on her today.

I haven’t started my training, but I’ve read a couple of the books and figured I had taken enough classes to at least show her a few of the basics – the Sun Salutations, at the bare minimum! Continue reading

The un-glorification of busy

1947549_887313647986875_4493608073950915997_nI started training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago – or at the very least, I started running a few miles a week again, with my longest run being 5 miles, and a couple of three-milers thrown in during the week just to get back in the habit.

This is all in addition to three days a week of yoga, of course, which on weeks like this oneΒ (I had a business trip to New Orleans that threw me off schedule), means I’m doubling up on running and yoga on Saturday and Sunday. Continue reading